Our School


Welcome to our school...

We are a non-denominational Christian Pre-School of approximately 200 children. Attending are toddlers 9 months to 2 1/2 years and pre-schoolers ages 2 1/2 to 5. Children from many local churches attend BCP along with many children who do not have a church home. Since we are known for providing a quality program in a Christian setting, we attract families from a wide variety of backgrounds.


Our Philosophy...

Preschool is a time to promote social development and friendships.

Preschool is a time to promote social development and friendships.

We provide a loving Christian environment with emphasis on the developmental stages of the child. At Bethlehem Christian Pre-School we desire to provide activities that are age-appropriate and nurture the spiritual, physical, mental and social development of each child. We believe children learn as they play. Learning for children takes place when information is meaningful, and is in the context of their experiences and development. Therefore, children learn best when provided with a variety of stimulating experiences in which they may freely interact.

Our Early Childhood Education program is designed to support and extend young children's learning through direct experiences. Children learn when actively engaged, so we provide a balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities.


Our Statement of Faith...

Bethlehem Christian Pre-School is non-denominational in nature. Jesus Christ is central to our faith and philosophy. Our Christian beliefs are best represented by the Apostle's Creed. Throughout the year we talk about how God created the world and us, and that He loves us and sent Jesus to us. At this level we pray together and learn Bible Stories with puppets, flannel graphs, dramatization and other play props.  Each month we focus on a different character trait of God.