Two and one-half year old program (TTh)

The two and one-half to three-year-old child thrives in the loving and warm atmosphere of this class. Predictable routines, language-building group times, and learning centers that encourage experimentation combine to create individual successes to promote confidence and self-esteem. Many opportunities for building, hands-on discovery, turn-taking, dramatic play, building trust and developing self-help skills abound. This class has a 1:5 ratio. 


Three Year Old Program (MWF or TTh)

The three to four-year-old child blossoms and grows in our open-ended, experience oriented class. This class promotes the development of oral language, self-help skills, and turn-taking. Each day provides time for the joy of creative expression with hands-on art using many different mediums. Gross and fine motor skills which lead to emergent writing, are emphasized. This literacy-rich program builds alphabet recognition and phonemic awareness. It is designed to provide children with multiple opportunities for success as they make discoveries about their world. The three-year-old program has a ratio of 1:6 with a lead teacher and two assistants. 


Prekindergarten program (MWF or M-Th 4-5 year olds)

These language-rich classes promote Kindergarten readiness. Our four to five year olds flourish with a hands-on play curriculum set up to emphasize emergent literacy and writing, alphabet recognition and phonemic awareness. Each day provides time for the joy of creative expression using art activities which utilize many different media and jointly encourages the growth of gross and fine motor muscles. Children experiment with basic math concepts such as sorting, graphing, quantifying, patterning, and predicting. With an atmosphere that encourages experimenting and problem-solving, this class allows children to explore and discover their world. They develop self-help and socialization skills, decision making abilities and become confident learners. There is a 1:7 ratio with a lead teacher and two assistants. 


Prekindergarten Plus (M-am, W-all day, & F-am or M-Th 4-5 year olds)

This class is designed for the older pre-schooler who will be five years old before February 28 of the school year, and who is developmentally ready to experience more structure than is found in our three-day-a-week pre-kindergarten program. This class also emphasizes emergent literacy, writing, alphabet recognition, and phonemic awareness through activities that involve the whole child. Basic math concepts and number recognition are taught with a hands-on approach. Children have many opportunities to experiment, predict, and problem solve. The open-ended approach, in addition to teacher direction at this age level, stimulates creativity in many ways, especially through art and science. Some special Pre-K plus activities are the classroom end of the year performance, the Letter of the Week, Special Person of the Week, and "Let's Find Out". This class has a 1:7 ratio with a lead teacher and two assistants.